Greetings Readers,

The current pervasive theme of the day is Global Warming. One cannot escape it as it is constantly publicized through the Media. Of course the forewarning is justified, any severe change in our atmosphere and weather is a dangerous destructive process that could have a tragic effect on the planet. However, the threat I will address here is with us every hour of every day,and is a greater danger, because it is both destructive, instantaneous, and threatening the survival of the human race: The topic is Nuclear proliferation and Nuclear War. Global warming may have dreadful effects, that may take 50 or a 100 years, but the danger of nuclear war is constantly with us for the forseeable future.

Within a short year of taking office the George W. Bush administration rescinded several vital international initiatives that would have enhanced and encouraged world peace and security: The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, ABMT, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, NPT, rejected the World Court of Criminal Justice, and for good measure renounced the Kyoto Protocols setting rules for the elimination of green house gases. In 2010 however, Barack Obama signed a revised NPT, with the single stipulation that in the Middle East Gulf Region Israel will not be prohibited from expanding its nuclear arsenal, therefore free to constitute and pursue the deployment of nuclear weapons wherever it wants to. (So much for the twelve-year peace initiative by the U. S and the Gulf States to create a nuclear free zone in the Middle East)

Readers, as potential human targets, let us determine what exactly we are up against: Total Number of stored and activated nuclear warheads by country: China 250; France 300;  Russia 5,000; U.K. 160; U.S.A. 5,113; Israel 200; Pakistan 90-110; India 90-110, North Korea 8-10.  Several international monitors have suspected Israel may have up to 300 warheads. No one knows as Israel is a secretive non-compliant nation, not a Non-Proliferation Treaty member, and does not intend to be one; Moreover, quoting Prime Minister Benjamin (BeBe) Netanyahu recently Israel has taken possession of a fifth nuclear submarine purchased last year from Germany. This as four others of its submarines are armed with “Popeye” Turbo SLCM long-range nuclear tipped missiles in keeping with technology supplied by Germany and the U. S. (Commissioning and practice launches were carried out in the Indian Ocean as they always are) 

In addition to worldwide stockpiles, the U.S. has stored and deployed through its NATO Alignments approximately 160 nuclear warheads suitable for mounting on fighter aircraft. These particular warheads are on loan to Belgium 10-20; Germany 10-20; Italy 50; Netherlands 10-20; and Turkey 60-70. So, if the U. S. is ever short of a few, they can alway “Indian give” and get them returned. Subsequent to the fall of the Soviet Empire and during the period 1996-1997 the Russian Federation, consisting of Kazakhstan, Belarus, and the Ukraine relocated a couple thousand into interior Russia for destruction. We hope so. The Grand Total in the world arsenal is approximately 12,500 warheads deployed or stocked, enough to destroy the earth 100,000 times over.

The threat of miscalculation is always with the holder, no matter who they are and who they be. In the past fifty years there have been at least a dozen close shaves of which the public was aware. Undoubtedly there were many more. One of the most terrifying took place during the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962, when a Soviet Submarine Commander Vasili Alexandrov Arkhipov countermanded a direct order from Moscow to fire a nuclear tipped torpedo at a U. S. Navel Armada of  six ships including an aircraft carrier. More than not it is well-assumed the Russian prevented a nuclear Holocaust. I would suggest sending the Commander a 99 cent greeting card thanking him for saving the world, but unfortunately he died  in 1998.

More recently in January of this year Secretary of Defense Chuck Hegel ordered an investigation into two scandals involving Air Force ICBM and Navel Cruise Missile launch officers with alleged multiple misdemeanors, including security violations, drug and alcohol abuse, on the job negligence, and card cheating. The threat of an error or miscalculation is apparent. (Also, twenty-one traffic violation for speeding, over time parking, and a broken right-sided turn-signal light. My those military CID agents are supper thorough) 

 What if Spring does not arrive this April, and would never arrive and the cold winter would never end? It’s called Nuclear Winter and may last for decades. Think about it. I am not a bleeding-heart, but a second look at the words of Bertrand Russel a Left-Wing Liberal, and a great Jewish humanitarian you never knew was one, because his other accomplishments in the field of physics overshadowed his other attributes Albert Einstein, who with Russell stated 60 years ago: “The problems we present to you, stark and dreadful and inescapable is shall we as nations put an end to the human race or shall mankind renounce war?”  

Ron, renounce war? Don’t hold your breath.

All the best,

Ron Miller.