Greetings Readers,

The Russians have gone ahead and invaded the Ukraine. The intervention in the Crimea area is of course a breach of international law and other agreements; however, I would like to have in my pocket a thousand dollars for each breach of International Law by other countries including the U. S., Israel, Great Britain, etcetera. Those Nations disregarded treaties and laws and did what they wanted these past centuries and in more recent decades. Russia may have made a grave error by intervening, but according to them they had every right to and perhaps historically they do. The U.S. record for intervention is not stellar, and we’ve done it dozens of times reciting our own Monroe Doctrine that was not and never became an international law. The U. S. has also promulgated its own international laws usually excuting them by force of arms.

 Lets not get too excited about the Crimea invasion. The Ukraine is 5,786 miles from the United States coastline and posses no threat to us in any way so we may sleep at night in spite of the Media blitz. Instead let’s look for a solution: Crimea was gifted outright to the Ukraine by Nikita Khrushchev who at the time thought the gesture made little difference within the Communist Empire. He could not imagine ever the collapse of the Soviet Union in those heady overconfident days in the 1960s. “We will bury you” he said. Remember when he supposedly made the remark to John Kennedy while visiting the Hollywood set of the film Moulin Rouge, or was it a farm in Ohio, or at Disneyland? Well, he had quite a tour of the U.S. and was quoted many times saying it.

Studying an election map of Ukrainian voting districts we find it nearly split down the middle, Russian speaking and Ukrainian speaking, dividing supporters East and West. When heads cool there should be, must be, a U.N. referendum and the one country peacefully becomes two. Well, at least that’s my humble opinion.

Population ethnicity is somewhat in dispute: One Google source reports 60% Russians, 35% Ukrainian. Another Google site records 70% Ukrainian and 30% Russian, and my world Almanac identifies 78% Ukrainian and only 17% Russian. Possibly the confusion is due to mixed marriages and citizen seniority among Russians immigrants since the end of WWII. Crimea by itself is 60% Russian speaking. I’m certain if given a choice most of the population would turn to the West. At the moment, as a watchful observer, the U. S. and Europe are planning to penalize Russia with sanctions and elimination from the G-8 Club. What is most disconcerting is there is foolish talk of a U.S.-NATO military option on the table. Hmm. With Putin’s nationalistic ego it could a dangerous move. For fourteen years Putin has made all the decisions for his Corporate Mafia State. Knowing something about the Russian mind-set, see my articles, The Russian Enigma, and Bear Baiting, Putin may just as well invade the entire country that was once the Soviet Ukraine he remembers, although it would be a tragic mistake. The Russians would then be in the same position as they were in 1980 in Afghanistan, and the United States found itself quagmired in Iraq in 2003. Russia would easily have a successful invasion followed by a lengthy guerrilla insurgency proxied by the West.

The U.S. demonizes Putin, as it should up to a point, but place the U.S in the Russia survival mode after losing two empires in a century, 1917 and 1991. Putin has self elected as the fix-it man. But, what if? What if a foreign country gained access to one the two countries bordering the United States, and a civil war was imminent, how would we respond to this nearly unthinkable situation? With Neo-conservatives and a powerful hawk lobby in Congress there would be a vote to quickly intervene by overt force or covert means to overthrow the newly misplaced government. Recall, readers, not too long ago in 1962, we came within a hare’s breath of a successful invasion of Cuba and nuclear war.

Peace be with you, and all the best.

Ron Miller