Greetings Readers,

Written here in a few words is a published letter I can agree with:

 “President Obama preaches win-win… The Russian leader live by a much older principle: I win, you lose That is a gross distortion. It is the U. S. that lives by the principle: The other side has to lose, especially if Russia or China is involved. The Russians have had enough of aggressive American policy and simply don’t trust the U.S. Besides, after trying to invade Cuba (Bay of  Pigs) and successfully invading Grenada, Panama, and Iraq, the U. S. government has no moral basis to criticize Russia for reclaiming its former territory, Crimea.”

                     Guenter W. and Sylvia H. Korrek, BARSBUTTEL, GERMANY

Not mentioned in this short letter is the interventions into the democratically elected government of the Dominican Republic,1965-66, and also of course, the forty other regional interventions, wars, and annexations by the United States going back a hundred and fifty years. The letter appearing in Time Magazine is correct, we do not have a moral leg to stand on. It is referred to, as I explained earlier this month, simply as the “The Pot Calling the Kettle Black.” The hypocrisy of exceptionalism.  The U. S. does what we wants when we wants.

  “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Pogo, and General Westmoreland.

I’m not completely supporting Russia in its Crimea annexation and continued meddling in the Ukraine, but am  merely pointing out that influential American political groups, and most historians do not understand or disregard the principle of Balance of Power and Spheres of Influence. I wonder if we are not making a mountain out of a mole hill in the Ukraine issue. The country is an economic basket case heavily in debt and dependent on its southeast region of the country which in turn is dependent on exports to Russia, as well as the generosity the World Bank and International monetary Fund to keep going. The solution to this conflicted debate on East or West is a democratic referendum, and the division of the country if needed. If a referendum is accomplished Russia may be disappointed. Recent U.N. surveys indicate only 35% of those polled in the East favor a return to Mother Russia.

If we live by the rules, there is a peaceful solution. 

All the Best,