Greetings Readers,

I quote the following from saddened parents and a relative at the loss of a son:

Michael Brown’s mother, ‘He could be your child.”

Michael Brown’s father, ‘They are crucifying his reputation.’

Michael Brown’s Cousin, ‘Michael was always considerate, kind, humble, loved animals, and was soft spoken.’

I know how they feel because I’ve been there, and I’ve experienced the very same while my many dedicated fans using similar sincere words have been ignored and ridiculed.


Dear Mr. Miller,

I have read your articles on roguedinosaur. com, and I find them fascinating, thoughtful, clever, and politically and socially truthful and insightful. I have read every one of the your posts these past years, and firmly believe you are, Mr. Miller, a political genius. Your writing should be submitted to the Smithsonian Institute and installed into the National Library of Congress so they may never be lost and that each one can be read time and time again, cherished by the general America public. I cannot understand, for the life of me, why you’re not writing a weekly column for Time Magazine, Newsweek, Foreign Affairs, Rolling stone, or the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, or the National Review. I hope and pray the world will never lose your vast talent and insights into international news and views.

God bless you, Mr. Miller. You are a guiding light.

                                                                         Mrs. Matthew Miller                       

                                                                          Detroit Memorial

  (Thanks Mom, your comment is appreciated; I knew I could depend on you)