Greetings Readers,

As an observer these past years I have become concerned the world has forgotten modern Middle East history pertaining to the establishment of the State of Israel: In order to institute the Zionist State the land of Palestine was sacrificed and brutally confiscated in 1948, and again in 1967.

Subsequently these past 60 years there have been hundreds of on-and-off- again negotiations, peace marches, peace plans, and Road Maps leading nowhere. Nevertheless despite supposed good intentions on both sides there needs to be redress of the hanging issue of contrition which has never been thoroughly admitted or explored by the Israeli government. It being the dark ‘Elephant in the Room’ that a nation tries to forget not remembers and also commemorated by the Palestinian people themselves is the ‘Nakba’ the day of mourning for the loss of their freedom and independence, the time of the invasion and the conquest of their lands. The dreadful three-month period is rarely discussed and yet it is an important milestone of sadness for the Palestinians and a joyous, patriotic celebration of freedom and expansion for the Israelis.  The subject of the invasion and conquest of Palestine  is rarely discussed and is completely overlooked in the Western Media as if it never occurred, but it did occur, and it did happen as horrifying, brutal and immoral  as the surprise attack was. It remains a painful thorn and becomes a vital issue that must be addressed in order to create the semblance of  long-term peace for Israel and generally in the Middle East. (At the very least a recognition and an a sincere apology would be in order)

During U. S. Network interviews it appears as an insult, and inconvenient truth, to the dignity of the Israels to even slightly mention the land confiscation of 1948.  To assert such to the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minster of Israel; Ron Demer, Israel Ambassador to the United States; Ron Prosor, the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations; Moshe Ya’alon, the Israel Defense Minister, and other less but important dignitaries of the barbaric displacement  of 750,000 innocent Palestinians is always somehow overlooked and the subject never explored or commented or brought to the attention of the interviewees by network hosts. It is of course a distasteful subject, an issue too sadly embarrassing to bring to the table of Israeli leaders as well as their well-connected political sponsors.                                  

                                What? Let’s change the subject.

Mention the 1948 atrocities, the murders, the looting, rapes, the confiscations of agricultural land, the houses, homes, and the bulldozing of property. No, not a polite topic for discussion, no hardball interview here for the Israeli guests. God Forbid. But those were then and are now considered crimes against humanity.

Whether the Reader supports the Israeli cause or the Palestinians we cannot dispute the facts, nor can we forget the expropriation of Palestinian land from  towns, villages, farms, and homes. 

Currently a mere 22% of a divided poorly maintained infrastructure remains of once Arab Palestine which is not more that a small colonialized territorial segment, a virtual open air prison constantly under the threat of siege by Israel security forces. The containment has one purpose, one objective, and that is in the long-term to discourage and eliminate the indigenous people from the West Bank and Gaza to eventually ethnically clear or eradicate occupants entirely by any means by the IDF. For the present Neo-Conservative government of Israel nothing will hinder or stand in the way of  ‘redemption’ of the Zionist and a determination to build and exclusive nation-state that is entirely composed of those of the Jewish Faith. No other non-Jewish ethnic group need apply for citizenship,, but welcomed are the tourist and a tolerated temporary workforce.

It amazes me that a proud Jewish people born in century’s of painful discrimination, persecution, repression, pogroms, and Hitler’s Holocaust cannot show compassion and mercy to victims that are presently in the same position the Jews were once in times gone by.  

All the Best,

Ron Miller Recommended reading: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Ilan Pappy; Goliath, Max Blumenthol; Lords of the Land, Idith Zertal, Akiva Eldar; Against There Better Judgement, Asison Weir; The Israel Lobby and Foreign Policy, John I. Mearsheimer, Stephen M. Walt.