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Asian and Middle Eastern News with a touch of U. S. political, economic info to be read by the busiest person in two minutes or less:

  • Aceh, Indonesia earthquake kills 102, 1000 soldiers, police deployed.
  • Pakistan Air flight crash killed all 48 aboard.
  • Seven Thailand  drug traffickers die in police gun fight.
  • Korea parliament introduces impeachment proceedings to oust Park.
  • China considers easing foreign investor restrictions.
  • Obama praises Japan, U. S. ties on Pearl Harbor commemoration day.
  • Syrian army gains in Eastern Aleppo as Rebels say ‘No withdrawal.’
  • Iraq army attack in Mosul hampered by deadly ISIS ambush.
  • Putin Personally agrees to OPEC oil production cuts.
  • Putin rejects Palestine’s Abbas offer for peace talks in Paris.
  • Russia sells 19.6% if national oil company to Middle East investors.
  • Israel Knesset passes bill legalizing possession WB Jewish settlements.
  • Time magazine names ‘Trump person of the year 2016.’
  • Trump…

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