Greetings Readers,

        News Briefs to be read by the Busy Reader in two minutes or less.

  • North Korea new ballistic missile launch deemed  great success. (NorKor)
  • Kim Jong Un approves the missile’s use in combat and production.
  • Philippine President Duterte bans smoking in public places.
  • Duterte heading to Moscow for five day diplomatic visit.
  • Duterte in Moscow to boost trade, political and military ties.
  • More than 20 injured in Bangkok military hospital explosion.
  • Iraq military says ISIS holds less that five square miles of W. Mosul.
  • Trump addresses Middle East allies urging continued ISIS fight.
  • U. S. commits approval for 110 billion $ arms deal with Saudis. *
  • Deal is the biggest in U. S. arms sale history.
  • U. S. Saudi Arabia accuse Iran of supporting Terrorism. **
  • Trump praised counties for hosting refugees, warns of extremists.
  • U. S. VP Pence university address hit by student walk out.
  • OPEC heading for extension of oil output reduction aggreement.
  • TPP to continue without Trump approval
  • Indonesian police arrest 141 men over ‘Gay’ sex party.

* One can bet your boots the electrical weapons systems sold to the Saudis will be quickly compromised by Israel in order to make them ineffective in combat. **  Not so fast, Iran supports groups Hamas and Hezbollah attempting to recover land taken by Israel. These military organizations never use suicide bombers while Saudi Arabia vs. Yemen rebels is an ethnic civil war.

All the Best.

Ron Miller