Greetings Readers,

Asia, Middle East, and U. S. News Briefs to be read in two minutes or less:

  • Former South Korean President Park goes on trial for alleged graft.
  • Iran will continue to test missiles for defense purposes,  (Pres. Rouhani)
  • Trump continues criticizing Iran while in Israel for regional problems.*
  • Germany expects Iran to behave responsibility within the region.
  • Trump expresses confidence in finding Israel-Palestinian Peace.
  • Trump to visit Holocaust Museum after meeting with Palestinians.
  • Israel Energy chief questions U. S. – Saudi Arabian Arms deal.
  • Suicide bomber sets off bomb at British pop concert killing 22, 59 injured.
  • U. S. stocks rally on Trump policy and Saudi arms deal.
  • Crude oil prices climb as U. S., Saudi Arabia, and Russia cut production.
  • Russia get early drug warning in preparasion for 2018 sports program.
  • Australian blind man becomes second sightless person to summit Everest.
  • *(Not so fast Donald, Iran has not invaded another country in 500 years. Although the country has been invaded by others many times. Can American say the same? You may reply, ‘Well, how about the Iraq-Iran war during 1980-1988?’ If you are a realist, the invasion was started by Saddam Hussein at the behest of the CIA in order to contain a then thought to be extremist Iran)

          (News gleaned from Network.NewsAsia, BBC, CNN, French 24)

All the Best.

Ron Miller