Greetings Readers,

  Asia, Middle East, U. S. Headlines to be read in two minutes or less:

  • China calls for fresh talks with North Korea.
  • U. N. Security Council divided  over north Korea sanctions.
  • U. S. Navy sail close to Chinese build islands
  • Myanmar has second peace meeting with ethnic groups.
  • Myanmar booking forward to massive investments.
  • Duterte says he will impose nationwide Martial Law in days.
  • Martial law on troubled Mindanao could last several years.
  • Duterte cuts Russian visit short to rush back to Philippines.
  • Former CIA chief warns Russia to stay out of U. S. elections.
  • Turkey detains 180 municipality workers in post coup sweep.
  • Turkish government seized 879 business after coup attempt.
  • Moody down grades China on financial strength issue.
  • China protests Moody data evaluation as incorrect.
  • Trump hold face to face meeting with Catholic Pope.
  • Trump arrives in Brussels to attend NATO, EU meetings.
  • Trump retains private attorney to oversee Russia probe
  • Police rule Manchester bomber not alone, seven arrested.
  • Up to 3,800 anti-terrorist troops may be deployed on British Streets,
  • Indonesia President Widodo extends forest clearing law 2 yrs.
  • Jakarta suicide terminal bombing leaves five dead, 10 injured.
  • Taiwan high court rules in favor of same-sex marriages.

(News gleaned from Channel.NewsAsia., BBC. CNN, France 24)

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Ron Miller.