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Asia, Middle East, U. S. News to be read by the busy reader in two minutes or less.

  • U. S., Japan place tougher sanctions on North Korea.
  • Chinese fighter jets intercept U. S. plane near disputed China Island.
  • Chinese warn U. S. vessels passing close by disputed Chinese Islands.
  • Indonesia steps up security during 29 day Ramadan month.
  • Duterte willing to meet with Mindanao island insurgents.
  • Philippine army kills six foreign insurgents in Mindanao.
  • U. S. plans soon to test anti-ICBM system over North Pacific.
  • Russia, China protest U. S. deployment of THAAD missile system.
  • India opens it’s longest bridge near Chinese border.
  • Indian aid arrives Sir Lanka amidst 100 monsoon deaths.
  • Israel says jailed Palestinian end 40 day hunger strike.
  • Egypt terrorists gunmen attack bus killing 28 Coptic Christians.
  • Egypt launches airstrikes on suspected Jihadist camps in Libya.
  • G-7 Summit in progress dominated by terror, and African issues.
  • Trump advisor and son-in-law under FBI scrutiny over Russia contacts.
  • Allegedly advisor Kushner and Russians discussed secret phone line.
  • Hillary Clinton makes digs over Trump polices and programs.
  • White house views concerning climate change appear to be softening.
  • Trumps Muslim travel ban heads for Supreme Court.
  • Tollerson declines invitation to attend annual Ramadan event.
  • S&P, NASDQ close on investment record highs.
  • Bit coins now worth more than twice price of gold.

(News receive from Channel.NewsAsia, BBC, CNN, and Aljazeers)

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