Greeting Readers,

The Asia Media has been particularly tough criticizing Tiger Woods for his arrest for ‘drink’ driving. In reporting they call him ‘a goat’ a ‘hard case’ and ‘irresponsible’ and write ‘We know where he is going.’ Any great celebrity, sports figure, actor, on the way down is treated as such led by the Media, and yes, people can be nasty.

But I remember the good parts, he’s one of the greatest golfers of all time, and he has never hurt or murdered, anyone to my knowledge. I believe the Tiger still has a couple lift to wind golfing titles ahead of him, if he wants to recover from his ailments and try again. Of course all told; Woods is a success. His net worth in 740, 000,000 dollars and endorsements continue to come in and will in the future. It’s his life and not theirs. I hope he continues to be better than he is already. 

Viewing Al Jazeera the Muslim-Arab Station established by the Royal Family in Dowa, Gatar, I have noticed the network in particular has come down hard on Jihadists, ISIS, ISIL, and Boko Harum, etc. They tell it like it is and pull no punches with their recent enhanced anti-terrorist stance.

Sri Lanka has undergone a horrific monsoon flood killing 180 and many more are missing. India a short distance north has in particular sent a great deal of emergency aid thank you and  well they should. India has the 7th largest economy in the globe, and a population of 1.3 billion people while Sri Lanka has about 21 million. I notice over the years, the Sri  Lankans people are not particularly attractive looking. At my age just being called “ugly” is a compliment.

Prior to the meeting in Paris, the new French President Micron announce he was going to have a very tough frank discussion with President Putin about the Crimea, the Ukraine, sanctions, chemical weapons in Syria, support for LGBT people in Chechnya, and the touchy subject of hacking into European elections. What’s France going to do, kick the Russian in the knee? Seem like a waste of time from a new player on the world stage.

A scene you’ll never see on TV horror shows, like Thrill or the supposedly all true crime drama CI, goes like this:

A young woman is busy take care of the garden surrounding a lovely house she and her family have recently moved into. A well dressed business suited man approaches and greets her with a friendly smile. He say Misses, I lived in that  house for four years and am a serial killer; would you let me walk around in it for a few minutes to reminisce for told time’s sake?

In the late 50’s Harry Belafonte and  Berle Ives had received hits for a song titled, ‘I Met Her In Venezuela.’ As I remember it was  a lovely tune. These are the first two lines economically updated:

                            I met her in Venneza vva  aaa lliaa

                                              with a basket on her head.

                          I met her in Venneza vvaa lliaa

                          With a basket of worthless currency on her head.

All the Best to you.

Ron Miller