Asia, Middle East, U. S. News Briefs to be read in two minutes or less.

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  • Huge explosion rocks Kabul diplomatic quarter killing 80 and injures 319 by suicide bombing as Taliban denies but announces Summer Offensive.
  • Russian warship, submarine launch 4 cruise missile against ISIL Syria.
  • Philippine army takes control of Marawi city, Mindanao.
  • Duterte asks that all Mindanao rebels to surrender.
  • Bangladesh evacuates 600,000 as cyclone Mora nears coast.
  • Sri Lanka monsoon and landslides have killed more than 200.
  • Indonesia arrests three in connection with bus terminal bombing.
  • Korea President Moon orders U. S. THAAD deployment probe.
  • U. S. vows complete transparency of South Korea THAAD system.
  • U. S. ICBM interceptor system successfully tested in the Pacific.
  • U. N. Says climate change agreement is absolutely essential.
  • Trump lashes out at German trade surplus and late NATO dues.
  • Merkel Supports recent trade deal with India.
  • Merkel states Europe should step up as diplomatic actor.
  • U. S. Dow reports Amazon hits $1,000 per share.
  • U. N. warn nation of Yemen is near total economic collapse.
  • U. N. says tobacco production and use ruin the environment.
  • Comedian Kathy Griffith appologizes for beheaded photo of Trump.

      (News gleaned from France 24, Network.NewsAsia, BBC, and CNN.

Note: After 24 hours the Tiger Woods arrest story undergoes vast changes. At the time of arrest the vehicle was damage on one side and had two flat tires. Tiger slurred words and breathe test record indicated alcohol drunkenness.

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