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Asia, Middle East, U. S. Briefs meant to be read in two minutes or less.

  • North Korea says it is close in new ICBM test,
  • North Korea asks China for back-up short-range rockets.
  • Two Japan cities hold anti-missile safety drills.
  • Taiwan coast guard performs anti-terror drills in China Sea.
  • Islamists Maute brothers reported killed in Mindanao fighting.
  • Thirteen Philippine marines have died in Marowi city fighting.
  • Philippines asks U. S. Special Forces to help end Marowi siege.
  • Duterte asks Facebook to withdraw Jihadist Internet accounts.
  • China offers Myanmar help to recover 122 bodies from crash plane.
  • ISIS takes credit for blast killing 20 in Shiite holy city of Karbola.
  • U. S, airstrike attacks Syrian government troops.
  • Nine Arab countries place embargo on Qatar.
  • Saudi Arabia issues list of Qatar linked terrorist contacts.
  • Germany’s evacuation of Insirlik Airbase may take two months.
  • After hung parliament election May hangs on to tenuous power.
  • POTUS Trump would testify under oath concern Comey row.
  • Both Trump and Comey accuse each other of multiple lies.
  • Trump states he is preparing to testify on Comey matter.
  • Trump expected to announce new Cuban policy in Miami
  • U. S. Democrats say repeal of Dodd-Frank regulations wrong move.
  • U. S. multi-state 435 million dollar lottery may be decided tonight.

(News recovered from Channel. NewsAsia, BBC, and France 24)

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Ron Miller.