Greetings Readers,

The Cold War is over, but nobody told President Donald Trump. It ended in 1990 so what is the sense of reviving it by cancelling Barrack Obama’s peaceful reconciliation policy with a neighbor in our sphere of influence attempting to be friendly. I am disappointed as every American should be because this president is not for peace, goodwill, accommodation, and healing of old wounds. This president of the United States is unfortunately a democratically elected disruptive figure who is ideologically unqualified, and a throwback to the days of George W. Bush.

Trumps political move against Cuba is unjustifiable: A campaign promise he should have forgotten or moved on, or at least softened it when applying it to a country that has never forcefully invade another for over to 40 years, or since Che Guevara, who failed tramping through the Congo and Bolivia, which cannot be truthfully said for the United States. Cuba has been subdued and held back from decent economic progress, and has unassuming been peaceful for decades while suffering the strictest sanctions any country has ever faced and can endure.

Trump states:  We are taking matters into our own hands.

                             The U. S. will expose all  crimes of the Castro Regimes.

                              The Obama deal benefits Cuba not the U. S.

                              We demands an open press and free speech.

                               The brutal regime must release all political prisoners

                                Obama was wrong to say ‘Now this era is over.

                                All travel and trade restriction are turned on again.

                                 No negotiations until free elections are announced.

                             U. S, citizens traveling to Cuba will be subject to audit.

Trump appears to admire strong leaders who commit far worse crimes than Cuba has in recent decades. During these last two years the President of the Philippines Duterte has killed or indirectly executed allegedly 8,000 drug pusher, addicts, and innocents almost all of them without any legal recourse. The President of Turkey, Erdogon, has detained, arrested, imprisoned more than 100,000 soldiers, politicians, and educators without due process while executing several hundred after a failed July 2016 coup d’etat. He has rewritten the Constitution to provide himself  dictatorial powers. Trump favors, admires these leaders. Putin’s despotism and the absolute power of  Saudi monarchs that execute and torture everyday of the week except Fridays. And readers, not to fully mention the barbaric land grabbing Israelis in the West Bank and Gaza, Palestine. (Netanyahu, a Trump Pal) There are many other worthy targets for Trump’s rashness to find fault with and take action against those that do not please him as well as to fulfill campaign pledges. The Island of 11,000,000 people is easy pickings for his Alt Right and egotistical needs for this person incompetently managing a Superpower.

I don’t know what they called men like Trump in the Marines, but in the Army we  call them ‘Shit Disturbers.’ When affairs and strategy are moving forward smartly the ideological incompetent steps in to find fault and issues that creat unintended consequence down the road, while people suffer the strains of long-term past mistakes on both sides that will ultimately create difficulties for the U. S. in the future. 

Undoubtedly at times the U. S. aided dictators for good reason. We supported them as allies as Stalin during the War and Cold War for purposes of peace, continuity, and markets, I leap to China with this today, etc., as part of the global power struggle to maintain a peaceful Status Quo.  America always went along in hopes of a brighter and just future. I reason with Harry Truman’s quote concerning Marcos and Somoza during those Cold War years when he said ‘They are bastard but they are Our Bastards.’ Cuba is not that; it wants to be our friend if we will let them.

All the Best to you.

Ron Miller

I don’t believe most people, particularly the young, realise Cuba under Batista, and 50 years before him, the United States owned not only the Cuban government, but over 54% of the land, resources, infrastructure, and large enterprises to include hotels and casinos. It then was a Mafia and tourist playground which significantly benefited the wealthy elite and criminal elements, What kind of a free democratic  country was that?