Greetings Readers.

The twenty-nine day Ramadan fasting is over, and it is the last day of the official three-day Raya Idul Fitru 1438 celebration, so after holding this post for a month in respect to the faith I will proceed to publish what I have known, researched, and understood. My delay was because the article is critical and disapproving of aspects of the Muslim faith and it would not be in keeping within the realm of courteous to publish it during this particular period of worship. The post is meant to be not merely criticism, but constructive criticism.

As an American I have lived and worked in five Muslim countries for more than 30 years, nearly half of my overseas life, and in that time I have of course made observations of the Muslim religion and its society.  The first is that most are dogmatically faithful to every word in the al Quran. Those beliefs are often equally connected and given credibility with national traditions, convictions, and personal superstitions that do not appear to coincide directly with the spiritual values of the Quran.

These observances are anomalies to the words of Allah and the Prophet Mohamed that are contained in local community traditions, are taken for granted in practice that is usually well received in the Western world when in moderation, i. e. Arab modesty, colorful women’s head coverings, or not in more drastic measures, not at all, as in the sightless burka, slavery, and honor killings. For the more pleasant traditions there is acceptance, or a mutual compromise by the groups involved: the religious advocates and the lawful pronouncements by a national government. These social differences do no harm to either society.

Secondly and vastly more important than those aside issues mentioned above is the questionable silence of the Muslims who in general do not criticize terrorism nor the atrocities committed by their own fellow Muslim brothers. This muted criticism of violence, if at all, can be deafening and speaks volumes for the absence of a higher moral dedication.

Undoubtedly there are many Muslims who overwhelming support Jihadists seeking a caliphate nation and other insurgents with various religious sectular objectives. But the vast majority of Muslims I find quietly remain neutral. In the meantime it is ISIS, ISIL, and others against the West by ongoing war and killing that go on while the average Muslim remains silent, uncommitted to either side. The believer on the Arab street and in the Mosque takes, or appears to grasp, the position of  ‘It is unfortunate and sad these terrible things happen in our faith and in war, but who are we to judge? Not us. Let Allah the All Mighty be the one to punish or forgive insurgents. In other words, let them die for their causes while we tipped claim to be on the side of the infidel West, but let Allah be the final judge in heaven who is right or who is wrong, He, Allah, will adjudicate justice or forgiveness for the doers.

I more than suspect Muslims believe ‘let us not make hasty decisions in place of Allah, for only He can decide the final individual judgement.’ In this the writer finds an appalling apathy to criticize their own.

Previously in posts I have alluded to the indisputable fact the Muslims as a group are living in an era dating back 1400 years and have not contributed  or progresses in any major field of knowledge for approximately 700 years.  So my message is to them is Wake up Muslims and join the modern real world.

All the Best. 

Ron Miller.