Greetings Readers,

Have you noticed any of these news items?

Hundreds of shootings, stabbings, rapes, and beating incidents occur every day in the United States in cities, towns, and farming communities, that usually are reported and sometime go unreported, but when an illegal is involved, or commits the act, it becomes a Really, Really Big story and is blasted nationally and internationally in network news. Do I suspect at this point in time a little Media hunger and Alt Right bias is involved?

Have you noticed an American destroyer came within 12 nautical miles of a disputed Chinese held island? Is it possible a Chinese destroyer can come within same distance from say Galveston, Texas or even as close as a 1,000 nautical miles from any coast of the United States without great alarm? The U. S. government is  so hypocritical and two-faced. The U. S. never puts its feet in another persons or nation’s shoes to see how it feels to be them in that position.  The U. S. does what it wants to any time they want to do it. It’s disruptive, scary, and outright bullying.  Other than merchant ships I do not believe an armed Chinese or Russian military vessel manuever within a thousand miles near our shores in the lower 49, the exception being Alaska.

Have you notices the unusual statement made by the Prime Minister of Iraq, ‘The U. S. has not provided enough leadership to our forces.’ (I assume he wanted the U. S. to provide more troop support for the lengthy nine month Mosul offensive) The P. M. won’t have to worry about it any longer Raqqa is in Syria.

Have you noticed the Chinese this past two years have built a large shipping facility for the Panamanians and relations between the two countries have  become quite friendly, so Panama a week or so ago withdrew recognition for the separation of Taiwan from mainland China and presently supports the One China Policy. 

Have you noticed Trump is cuddling up to the military, praises them at every opportunity: In his 4th of July tribute to the military he sounded more dictatorial than ever when talking of health care and other issues before the Senate, ‘I am the president and they are not.‘ Mr. President we know that; how can we ever forget it?


At the conclusion of the fight many were surprised the young Australian boxer Jeff Horn won, and so was I on hearing it. I happened to see Horn fight  several months ago, a fighter strongly aggressive, straight forward, who rushed in swinging lacking lateral movement.  His record was 16 and 0 then; so in this big money match in Brisbane he was rightfully the underdog.

I read the round by round summary and it appeared to me he was fortunate to have won the W. B. O. Welterweight Crown. Horn looked bad half way through the fight, and some questioned whether he could recoup the fight after the 9th round, and apparently he lost the last two rounds. Pacquiao seemed tired but able in the last stages of the fight. Horn is nine years younger than Pacquiao. (Both current legends Merryweather and Pacquiao are fast fading) Horn’s aggressive youth and staying power and of course his helpful location won it for him. (I wonder if the large stadium crowd intimidated the judges? It happens)

I must have seen well over a thousand fights in person and on TV in my life and reading the round by round summaries I felt it was a hometown decision. Should the match be held in Manila am sure the Pack-man would have won by a majority decision. As it was the three judges give the majority decision to Horn even though he landed only 15% of his punches.

It may well be recorded  as one the most exciting and dramatic fights of the year.

Catch me on where I expound on President Trump and the failures of Moslem society.

All the Best to you.

Ron Miller