Greetings Readers,

Asia, Middle East, and U. S. News Runners to be read in two minutes or less.

  • North Korea eyes counter sanction -measures against U. N.
  • Indonesia renames disputed China Sea Islands.
  • Indonesia blocks telegram, etc. communication by Muslim extremists.
  • Taiwan celebrates 30 years since end of Martial Law.
  • Malaysia cracks down on illegals among employer complaints
  • Prominent Chinese Nobel dissident Xiaobo cremated, widow is freed.
  • Cook Island enacts law to protect reserves and fishing grounds.
  • Islamic State leader killed in Afghanistan air strike in July.
  • Assad says ex-Al Nusa responsible for truce convoy attack.
  • Trump Junior and eight others attended controversial Russian meeting.
  • Turkey plans celebration on anniversary of failed July coup.
  • Turkish government purges 7,000 over July 2015 coup attempt.
  • Two Israel police killed by three Palestinian assailants in Jerusalem.
  • Three killed in Egyptian beach resort knife attack.
  • Merryweather-McGregor wrapping up fight promotions.
  • Merryweather accuses McGregor of racism.
  • Justine Biever scheduled to perform in Singapore in August.
  • carnivorous predators losing lands on world map says U. N.