Greetings Readers,

I am pleased to announce there has been a recent increase in Donald Trump’s popularity. Accordingly CNN reports the President of the United States has gone from a mere 34% approval rate all the way up to 34%. (Well no, it’s actually 36%, Wow!) The disapproving continues to be a steady 58%.

During an interview program this weekend and academic researcher from a well-known university reported the U. S. has interfered in the elections in 81 countries overtly or covertly. I recall several of these as a youth hearing of high cost meddling during the Italian election after WWII, and the Iranian elections in the early 1950s; more recently and rumored, but believable, suitcases of dollars were delivered to Buddhist monks in Vietnam in the mid-1960s to sway elections.  To some extent people knew these, but the figure of 81 counties is a bit eye-opening to some.

This past week Trump visited France to commemorate Bastille Day. Within three days Bebe Netanyahu visited France to commemorate the Vel d’ Hiv atrocity of the forced imprisonment and deportation of 76,000 Jews to death camps in eastern Europe from France under the merciless command of the Vichy government and the Nazi regime. Of course these were important historical and moralistic commemorations when take into accounts of patriotism and horror; however, the Jews exhibit, and maintain the Holocaust at every opportunity for political sympathy and to divert public attention from more current and realistic world issues including the illegal occupation of the Palestine West Bank.

Without doubt the world respects the power of the Zionist State. The very possession of hundreds of nuclear warheads and advanced delivery systems generously provided and supported by the U. S. do merit it. The Jews have billions, trillions of dollars at their disposal and the country is one the wealthiest most avarice as well as the most secretive in the world.

Israel appears to control or at least heavily influences U. S. Policy in the Middle East which has been at times detrimental to America interests and solely beneficial to the Zionist cause. Before 1905 the Jewish population in the U. S. was less than one percent and there were none in government. Today they are in the wood of the U. S. government like ‘termites.’  You can’t go far in our highest  strata of Federal government without  seeing an American Jew in a prominent position, take a look at the Fed, Congress, Wall Street, and of course the Trump Administration. The Jews may well control the Presidency under Donald Trump for their own ends.  I have no proof of that, but it appears so. My speculation could well be confirmed by the release of Trump’s delinquent tax records.

I am not targeting the Jewish people, but Israel’s Zionists. We own much to the ethnic group in science, engineering, literature, art, and the entertainment field by which we view, are informed, and enjoy every day.  Our lives have made better by or standing on the shoulders of Jewish giants, from genius, pacifist, astrophysicist  Einstein to political activist professor of language communication Nome Chomsky. These men among others of Jewish decent have proven themselves humanitarians and not power seekers that others have been become during centuries past as the war profiting Rothschild bankers.

Trump plans to reenter the successful Obama, Kerry, U. N., Iran Nuclear Agreement supported by well over one hundred countries. What? How long will countries as China, Mexico, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and a half-dozen others that Trump has maligned, criticized, and threatened stand for Trump’s consistent campaign of humiliation.

(Notice North Korea, Syria, and Russia are not mentioned)

All the Best.

Ron Miller