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Asia, Middle East, U. S. News Briefs to be read in two minutes or less.

  • Sixteen Afghanistan police killed in U. S. airstrike. (Official)
  • North Korea snubs South Korea over potential military talks.
  • U. S. bans American tourists from going to North Korea.
  • North Korean economic growth reported highest in 17 years.
  • Taiwan reports Chinese jets flew over island’s defense zone.
  • Indonesia President Wododo urges police to shoot drug dealers.
  • Philippine President Deterte extends Mindanao martial law.
  • President Duterte states he will never visit ‘lousy’ America.
  • Thailand’s ex-politico Yinguck faces possible 10 years prison term.
  • Israel bans Palestinian men under 50 attending Jerusalem Mosque.
  • Four Palestinians, three Israelis killed in West bank, Mosque violence.
  • Abbas Freezes contacts with Israeli government over Mosque violence.
  • Bitter fighting begins at first Syrian army thrust into Raqqa.
  • Pentagon says Iraqi ISIS leader Baghdadi may not be dead.
  • Saudi King Salman orders Security Directorate shake up..
  • Siemens cuts relations with Russia over breach of Crimea sanctions.
  • Iran F.M. Zarif states Iran is 100% in compliance with nuclear treaty.
  • Trump to Iran release American citizens or face serious consequences.
  • Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigns after six months.
  • Trump asks attorneys of his authority to grant pardons to staff.
  • Intel reveals Justice Secretary Sessions contacts with Russians.  
  • Entertainer Justine Bieber banded in China for bad behavior.
  • Global economy to grow 3.7 percent in 2017. 

       (News items gleaned from Network.NewsAsia. BBC, CNN, and Aljazeera)

International networks France 24, Aljazeera, Russia TV (RT), and the BBC, contain no advertising making for a smoother transfer of information to the public.

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