Greetings Readers,

It is early morning here on Batam Island,  Indonesia and Donald Trump has Just dedicated the most expensive warship in American history for service. Its price is 12.9 billion dollars * and along with it he said ‘This 100,000 ton message to the world is we are the number one military force and you Axxholes better not forget it.’

(No, he didn’t say that actually, he’s a gentleman and a soft power guy, right?)

Three Israelis and three Palestinians dead, and violence continues in the stand-off basically about the entrance to a religious shrine, but really isn’t. It’s about the 1948-and 1960s land grabs. Our Jewish friends there tell the Palestine people and the U. S. we Zionist Israel, we have the weapons, we have the money, and you haven’t, so We possess the West Bank and you don’t. So, Abbas, the people of Palestine, and the 180 nations in the U. N go screw yourself.

Legally possession is normally nine points of the law, and Israel is not leaving ‘Our’ land but you Palestinian scum are.

*When fully loaded and aircraft commissioned operationally, the super carrier will cost nearly twice that amount. The Pentagon is hedging on the actual cost. In Trump’s address he asked for a further increase in defense spending. I could hear the contractor cheering in the background.

All the Best to you.

Ron Miller.