Greetings Readers,

It is unusual, strange indeed: While doing research of individual net worth assets, I find the new White House Press Secretary Anthony Scaramicci to be not only profane, but financially complicated and undetermined. Usually one or two entry requests to search engines and one acquires the amount. But in Mr. Scaramicci summaries they prove to be irregular. Not to worry, Tony will not be on food stamps in the near future. Net Worth sources reveal from 44.5 million dollars, to 64.3, to approximately 80 million dollars and onto 1.5 billion and 11.5 billion dollars net worth. One is confused, is he wealthy or possibly indebted or perhaps a tactic to avoid taxes?  Mr. Scaramucci is fascinated by Astrology.

Repeated this weekend after nearly ten months by Russian invester expert Brower as he retells it to the Senate Russian Investigation Committee Putin is worth 200 billion dollars.

Former GOP Chairman Reince Priebus is out, and General  John Kelly is in as White House Chief of Staff.  This may be telling, Trump tweets to Priebus ‘Thank you for your service  and dedication to your country,’ Notice ‘Your Country‘ as if they have different views of what the country is to become. Priebus, super conservative, Trump aggressively loose cannon.’ CNN and FOx interviewed Priebus who stated Trump wanted to go ‘in a different direction.’

What I have done is taken a baseball score card and whited out the player names and place in the Trump staff so I can keep track of who is out and who is in at the White House. So far there has been eight (8) changes of Staff and there may be more coming up. Be alerted Sessions and could be Bannon.

The public does not realize it, but Trump has abrogated his responsibility over to the military and leaves decisions up to the Pentagon as numbers of troops to be deployed to Afghanistan, etc. The generals decide on each and every issue, except major strategy moves. (like War)  The military are quite pleased with the sixty-some billions in extra appropriation dollars approved this week.

North Korea fires another missile into the Sea of Japan. The CIA reports are the Koreans will have a missile capability in reaching the U. S., not in two years, but next year. Hmm. Trump and Bannon will not delay once it occurs. A military strike will immediately be in the cards. The attack will mean war, and all of the investigations, accusations, and criticisms of Trump’s administration will be swept away as much less of importance. He and his family, staff, etc. will get a slap on the wrist. (War, we are at War, Man! !!!)

Should the conventional strike against the North be executed and proven to be unsuccessful, it will be a bloody affair lasting perhaps a year or more taking into consideration guerrilla warfare. But, not to worry America, because the colonial market forces will do the fighting and take the bloodiest casualties while the U. S. directs and supervises off shore testing drones, F-35s, Stealth B-2 bombers, and tactics. (Smart, no-body bags coming home, no draft)  The Alt-Right will be perfecting strategy for the next war, as Napoleon has said “In order to have a good army, the nation must be constantly at War.’

The recently passed sanctions against Russia will do them little harm of any significance. They will be bothersome to a few  persons and businesses inside the country, and the sanctions are presently criticized by the EU as too tough for their own trading with Russia. No the sanctions won’t hurt the Russians, a  WWII country that withstood twenty-seven million deaths, 872 days of siege and battle at Leningrad against the Nazis, now St. Petersburg, and 179 days of brutal building to building fighting at Stalingrad, Volgograd.

With that I leave you.

Oh, yes, Priebus was spotted in a Washington line on Thursday buying  food stamps,

                                         (Well it looked like him)

All the Best to you.

Ron Miller