Greetings Reader,

My Post of yesterday was timely and not in the least out of line with others, because as of this morning on Batam, Indonesia it appears war is imminent and may break out at anytime during the next few weeks or sooner. President Trump has said should the threats continue North Korea can expect ‘Fire and Fury as the world has never seen.‘ The North Korean reply, ‘It has plans for a missile attack on the American territory of Guam.’

But, I wonder, is it all more or less exaggerated, hyperbole?  Is Kim Jong Un so intent on destroying himself and his country? Perhaps, and most likely he is, yes. Because from his earliest youthful memories and onward to this day, Kim has been fed nationalistic propaganda and besides this he understands fully, taken into account, the events of the U. S., South Korea, North Korea negotiations settlement for the Korean War in 1951. That was when the horrendous American bombing campaign began. The description of event affected Kim personally, deeply, to the extent of planning a deadly revenge, a vendetta against the U. S.  He feels highly responsible to be the chosen one to take the county’s retaliation out on the United States and its allies, and because of family loyalty and a firm belief in North Korean communistic patriotism. But why exactly?

I am sure the older American reader may recall, some of the events as a young maturing adult at the time. There was then bitter fighting, battles across and along the DMZ, from late 1951 through the Spring of 1953.  During the entire period the U. S. maintained complete unopposed air superiority and continually bombed the north into the Stone Age, killing perhaps a million or more people and allowing not one building to be left standing. North Korea was at the time completely venerable to American air power and could not in any way retaliate.

Four Star General Curtis Le May in early 1952 reported there were no legitimate targets left in Korea to be bombed, but the heavy bombing continued down to the village and hamlet level. The air strikes killed many innocent non-combatant Koreans, yes of course women and children, wreaking economic havoc for years, destroying lives well after the attacks ceased.  (Napalm and cluster-type bombs)

Reportedly the U. S. dropped more ordnance tonnage on North Korea in three years than it did in the entire Pacific theater of operation against the Japanese..   (Unconfirmed)

Kim Jung Un is the heir to a grand legacy, grandfather Kim ill Sung, anti Japanese freedom fighter (1932-1945), and father Kim Jun No,as he has taken in all reports, lessons, and details, in short the history of the U. S. Open Skies policy to include casualties and the destruction of so many of his people and infrastruture. This has been a prominent feature of the hate indoctrination that many of the North Koreans possess against the U. S. as it continues to the present. Kim could well be suicidal, revengeful, and dedicated to a deadly ‘Blow Back’ in time no matter where the chips may fall. 

The North Koreans obstructionists did not advocate a peace treaty with the South nor with the U. S. or its allies they wanted redemption , they wante reparations at any cost to their life and limb fatalism and it has been intensifies over more than 67 years.

The missile threat to Guam may well be another diversion in the No-Win strategy  to bait the U. S. into attacking first; therefore, confirming to themselves the Americans are the imperialist aggressors and recommit Kim, his military, and most northern citizens of the validity of their historical belief, and believable, that the North Korean government has disseminated through propaganda to its  population.

The reasoning for targeting Guam, as I take it, is because American stealth bombers fly over the peninsula as a dual warning and provocations as recently as last Monday, and the planes are based at Anderson Airbase, Guam. Moreover, the Kim navy has deployed a missile carrying submarine or submarines that could be deployed near Guam. (Maybe) The airbase and off shore submarine pens, if the attack is carried out, would be the objective. Secondly, readers, it may all be misinformation, known in the Korean language as “More Bullshit” a part of another phase in Kim’s hubris diversions.

Looking into my crystal l ball, Kim is fanatically set on retaliation for the wrong perpetrated on his country by the Americans and at any cost he my desire to become a martyr.  if so, I suspect Kim has taken measures to ensure his enemies continue to pay for the 1951-53 terroristic air attacks and quite probably Kim has set in motion a long-term guerrilla insurgency hoping to tarnish the American attack and victory he knows will be coming.

From what I have observed, the Koreans are exceptionally good tunnel and artificial cave builders. Kim may  have planned a secret campaign of attrition to drain the Americans and their colonial forces for several years*. Leader Kim, on the other hand may have other plans too, to flee after the MOAB misses him and his main forces become annihilated. Kim will take his family, wife and daughter, on a short flight from Pyongyang over the Yellow Sea to the coast of China and become an exile occasionally sending messages of encouragement to his insurgents fighting on and in the mountains of North Korea. Kim would like to reside in Hunan Island in the sunny South China Sea, but will be regulated to a pleasant city villa near Peking. It will be safer for him there as China will protect the lad from World Court arrest and U. S. Seals.

* It will fail, no sanctuaries, it’s a peninsula.

All the Best to you.

Ron Miller.