Greeting Readers,

Asia, Middle East, and U. S. News Briefs to be read in two minutes or less.

  • Trump repeats threat, will answer NorKor with ‘Fire and Fury.’
  • Trump boasts of U. S. Nuclear capability and capacity.
  • FBI raids home of former Trump Campaign manager.
  • North Korea responds to Trump threats as  ‘a load of nonsense.’
  • N. Korea plans to launch four missiles near Guam in mid-August.
  • Kim Jong Un to review plans prior launch near Guam.
  • Guam governor says talk of N. Korea revenge, is not a threat,
  • China evacuates 60,000 after earthquake kills 20.
  • Japan says they will never tolerate North Korean threats.
  • North Korea releases Canadian sentences to 20 years, health factor.
  • Coalition airstrikes in Raqqa kill 29 civilians in 24 hours.
  • Afghan Taliban release 238 hostages in northern province.
  • Four solders killed in northwest Pakistan suicide attack.
  • Egypt, six police killed in north Sinai suicide bomb attack.
  • 4.9 earthquake rattles near Tokyo, no tsunami expected.
  • Indonesia ups security after domestic attack warnings
  • Thailand man sentenced to 20 years for  insulting Monarchy
  • Housemaid dies after being set on fire in Pakistan.

News gleaned from Network.NewsAsia, BBC, CNN, and France 24.

  •  Internet warns Trump plans ‘False Flag attack on Pacific base. (?!)

All the Best to you.

Ron Miller