Greetings Readers,

I have seen enough exciting nature documentaries in my life time and have come to the conclusion human producers of these films antagonize the animals, tigers, snakes, apes, and sharks in particular, to act viciously before the cameras. These animals are usually resting peaceful when the filmmaker come along hunts them down and makes the animal perform often using chemicalized bait and cruel means. Let’s understand the jungle animals want to be left alone and not be bothered by humankind encroaching on their territory.  This does not happen on a regular basis, but just enough for me to mention it in this article. (Just be careful where you walk)

Flash: In India yesterday it was announce a wild rogue elephant is being hunted by the government that allegedly killed 15 people. It’s about time. Humans are grabbing the wilderness land from under their feet, paws, and hoofs. (There are 1,347,677,514 people in India, and only 3,370 elephants,of which 480 are considered wild, so wouldn’t you be pissed if you were an elephant?) It reminds of the taking of land from the American Indians, and currently much more is being grabbed from native tribes in South America, but is rarely or never reported.

In the recent Kenyon presidential election ‘Kenyatta edges out Odinga.’ With a name like Odinga how can anyone take him seriously? It remind of the Cold War in the late 1950s in Russia when a leading presidential candidate was named Dymshits. Well he didn’t win, but can you imagine the Western English Media citing the president daily as ‘The Russian President Dyshits threatens Europe and the United States.with….?

Well Readers I am relieved, truly relieved, Trump has gone from ‘Fire and Fury as you’ve never seen’ and “Our military placement is at hand, lock and loaded’ to ‘Stop making overt threats’ to just plain ‘You’re gonna have big, big trouble.’ Finally, a couple of days later, like today, Trump stated ‘Korea is gonna have big, big trouble, IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO GUAM.’ This is legally known as a temporary escape clause, as the agony continues)

The missile or missiles will likely implode within international waters or they may not even get there. Yes, I slept well last night. Then again, I live in a jungle on an Island in the Malacca Straits.

War makes good history; peace is a bore and poor email and blog reading.

All the Best to you.

Ron Miller