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The latest Asia, Middle East, U. S. news read in two minutes or less.

  • Nothing imminent on the U. S. Korea standoff crisis.  (CIA Chief)
  • Possible North Korean submarine missile test looms.
  • U. S. General Dunsford visits S’ Korea, heads for China meeting.
  • China holds aircraft drill over Taiwan territorial zone.
  • China bans North Korea Iron and seafood inports.
  • Guam places itself  on 24 hour emergency alert status.
  • Malaya, Indonesia, Philippines agree to patrol Sulu Sea.
  • Hong  Kong monitoring 20 household maids for ISIS contacts.
  • 3.5 million North Korean citizens asked to volunteer for defense.
  • Suicide bomber kills at least 16 in Pakistan city today,
  • Pakistan investigates hospital where sixty children recently died.
  • Nepal monsoon floods, landslides kills 167, dozens missing.
  • Two Indian solders killed in Kashmir firefight.
  • Iran passes law against U. S. sanctions and its terrorism in region.
  • Philippine Central bank downplays weakening Peso.
  • Kurds in Iraq will undergo elections for an independent state.
  • Turkey warns Kurdish people on independence referendum.
  • Saudi Arabia seals of majority Shiite city of Mirin Mir.
  • Arabs States will not shunt other nations doing Qatar business.
  • Kuwait scrambles to contain large gulf oil spill.
  • Trump, President Macron to coordinate on North Korea crisis. ?
  • Trump condemns hate and racial riots in Virginia, 1 dead, 19 hurt.
  • FBI investigates Charlottesville, Va. white supremacist as hate crime.
  • Charlottesville and seven cities hold anti-White Supremacy rallies.
  • Trump criticized for not addressing white supremacist participation.
  • Bit coins smash through four thousand U. S. dollar barrier.

       (News from Network.New Asia, CNN, FOx, and France 24 sources)

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