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Asia, Middle East, and U. S. News Briefs to be read in 1.5 minutes or less.

  • U. S. and South Korea drill to go ahead as scheduled next week.
  • North Korea warns of catastrophe should maneuvers proceed.
  • Mathis warns of immediate interception of NorKor missile launches.
  • Tollerson says U. S. prepared to use maximum force against NorKor.
  • 13 dead over 80 injured in Barcelona terrorist van attack. driver flees.
  • Five terrorist shot dead in connection with terrorist van attack.
  • Spanish police foil second planned bomb attack in Barcelona.
  • ISIS claims responsibility for Barcelona van attack.
  • U. S., Japan to boost military cooperation over imminent crisis
  • U. S. and South Korea will start trade talks 22 August in Seoul.
  • Six Vietnamese killed after explosion of Vietnam era bomb.
  • China confirms new cases of bird flu emerge in Guzhou province.
  • Trump disbands infrastructure program due of staff departures.
  • Trump claims culture ripped apart by removal of Civil War statues.

          (News cleaned from Channel News Asia, CNN, French 24, BBC)

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