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Asia, Middle East & U. S. New Briefs to be read in less than two Minutes.

  • Death toll tops to more than 700 in Southeast Asia floods.
  • U. S. destroyer collides with merchant tanker in Malacca Straits.
  • Ten missing and 5 sailors injured as destroyer docks at Singapore.
  • Search and rescue underway by three southeast Asian nations.
  • North Korea threatens retaliation for joint drills plan for next week.
  • North Korea issues new threats of merciless retaliation strike.
  • Secretary Pence urges Asian nations to break relations with N. Korea.
  • China, U. S. to plan intellectual properties trade issues meeting.
  • Several Hong Kong pro-democratic activist leaders jailed.
  • Iran says top priority is to protect nuclear treaty from  U. S.
  • Three rockets land near Damascus Trade Fair killing seven.
  • Spain terrorist attack toll reached 15 killed.
  • Missing Senior Muslim Amam  sought in Spanish terrorist plots.
  • Syrian president Assad ready to announce victory over ISIS.
  • Russia defense ministers states airstrikes kill 200 ISIS fighters.
  • Germany’s Merkel warns Turkey over use of Interpol warrants.
  • Trump to address nation Monday to unveil new Afghan strategy.
  • Trump ready to scrap NAFTA trade agreements.
  • Commitee head Mueller to investigate Trump finances.
  • Scientists warn of coming use of new killer robots.
  • U. S. legendary comedian Jerry Lewis  dies at age 91.
  • Indian women wins divorce over lack of indoor toilet.

   (News items gleaned from Channel.Newsasia, BBC, CNN, & RT)

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