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Asia, Middle East,U. S. News briefs to be read in two minutes or less.

  • Typhoon Hato weakens over mainland China, leaves 20 dead 156 injured.
  • Taliban suicide bomber attack kills seven in Afghanistan.
  • China demands U. S. drop newly imposed  sanctions on North Korea.
  • Russia warns Japan of plans to deploy U. S. missile system on their soil.
  • Former Thailand PM Yingluck on trial is accused of Incompetence.
  • Egypt PM refuses to meet with Trump’s son-in-law advisor Kurshner.
  • Egypt perturbed over recent cuts in U. S. economic and military aid.
  • Kurshner in Israel to oversee Israel-Palestine peace negotiations.
  • Iraqi troops take two nieghborhoods as Tal Far offensive begins.
  • Defense Secretary Mattis in Turkey for Erdogon meeting, next a scheduled visit to the Ukraine as Russia supports Ukraine peace proposal.
  • Saudi Arabia and Iran plan diplomatic exchange.
  • Qatar to reestablish relations with Iran.
  • At least 35 killed in Saudi air strikes in Yemen.
  • Britain and France support Trump decision for Afghan troop increase.
  • After divisive speeches in Washington DC. and  Phoenix, Trump moderates in Reno, Nevada address with theme of national reconciliations and unity.
  • 62% of Americans polled believe POTUS Trump  is not, ‘Not level headed.’
  • Former Intelligence Chief questions Trump’s competence, leadership.
  • Japan electronic firm introduces robot Priest.

(News items take from Channel.NewsAsia, CNN, BBC, RT, & France 24)

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Ron Miller.