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Asia, Middle East, & U. S. News meant to be read in two minutes or less.

  • North Korea fires medium range missile over Japan, Trump briefed.
  • North Korea says it will sink Islands of Japan.
  • U. S. asks China to eliminate oil shipments to North Korea.
  • Canada not included in treaty over North Korea missile attack,
  • As Rakine villages burn as near 400,000 flee to Bangladesh.
  • Heaviest typhoon Talin rain falls on Okinawa, Japan in 50 years.
  • Vietnam evacuates 50,000 as Typhoon Dorsuch threatens.
  • U.N. condemns Myanmar for Rakine ethnic cleansing violence.
  • U. N. extends sanctions relief on Iran.
  • Twin Suicide bombing kill 70 in Iraq.
  • Terrorist explosing in London tube, 18 hospitalized none serious.
  • West concerned as Russia, Belarus start military war games
  • Fire in Kuala Lumpur religious school  kills 26.
  • Trump to visit China, Japan, and South Korea in November.
  • Trump demands wall Dems support before DACA approval.
  • China to cease trading Bit Coin at end of September.
  • Demand for global air travel remains strong.
  • Dow hits new record high while S & P falters.

(News gleaned from Channel,, BBC, and CNN).

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