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Asia, Middle East, and U. S. News meant to be read in two minutes or less.

  • U. S., South Korea vow to commit stronger pressure on North Korea.
  • Presidents Trump, Moon agree on tougher sanctions on North Korea.
  • Trump states miliary options on North Korea are ”overwhelming.’
  • Pyongyang says it seeks a definite miliary ‘equilibrium with U. S.
  • Rohingi fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh now total over 409,000.
  • U. N. warns of heavy death toll among arriving Rohingi refugees.
  • Thailand sets new excess taxes on tobacco and liquor.
  • No change in Paris climate treaty position. The White House.
  • Germany reduce trade with Turkey over detention of Germans.
  • Turk Ambassador calls in German diplomat over Kurd rallies.
  • Erdogan to review Kurd independence election with Iraqi President.
  • Palestine’s Hamas ready to hold national election with West Bank.
  • London police make second arrest in subway bombing.
  • Four killed in Afghan car bombing.
  • After 13 years Russia and Iraq resume commercial air travel.
  • U. S. Senator Sander introduces medicare for all legislations.

  (News gleaned from Channel.NewsAsia, CNN, Aljazeera, and BBC)

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