Greetings readers:

Asia, Middle East, U. S. News headline to be read in 2 minutes or less:

  • China, U. S. concur on strict adherence to North Korea sanctions.
  • North Korea says sanctions will only enhance nuclear program.
  • U. S. fires two naval commander over recent ship collisions.
  • Bangladesh appeals to nations to assist in Rohangya refugee support.
  • Human rights watch demands sanction be placed on Myanmar.
  • Philippine army rescues priest held in Muslim Mindanao.
  • Indonesia issue second volcano danger alert for Bali.
  • Indonesia blocks terrorist plan to assassinate President.
  • Indonesia makes arrests in child’s porn internet enterprise.
  • WHO urges Yemen to accept shipments of cholera vaccine.
  • Iraq Court blocks Kurd independence election.
  • Turkey holds border maneuvers with Iraq on eve of Kurdish election.
  • U. S. to shortly deploy 3,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.
  • Putin flexes muscles in joint military exercises in eastern Belarus.
  • Sweden holds largest military maneuvers in decades.
  • In U. N. address Trump to urge reform and containment Korea, Iran.

            (New gleaned from Channel.newsAsia, BBC, RT, and CNN)

All the Best to You.

Ron Miller