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Asia, Middle East, U. S. News Briefs to be read in two minutes or less.

  • Russia rebukes Trump over Iran, North Korea threat remarks.
  • Germany’s Merkel says Trump’s threat to destroy N. Korea, wrong.
  • North Korea broadcasts Trump’s U. N. speech like a ‘dog barking’.
  • Abe, Moon, say all discussions of Korea nuclear issue are over.
  • South Korea readies 8 million U.S. dollars in aid for N. Korea.
  • Tillerson warns Myanmar or military operations in Rohingya crises.
  • In speech Tillerson says Iran nuclear treaty has ‘Sunset Clause.’
  • Iran President calls Trump a dangerous political ‘Rogue Beginner.’
  • Iran meets with fifty partner nations to discuss nuclear treaty.
  • President Rouhani says Trump looking for reason to Nix Treaty.
  • French Pres. Micron states only one Iran nuclear treaty, not enough.
  • U.S. tells Iraq ‘We are firmly against Kurdish independence election.’
  • Duterte orders police to kill his son if found involved in drug trade.
  • Bali, Indonesia on alert for severe irruption of nearby volcano.
  • This day 5.7 earthquake strikes in southern Java, Indonesia.
  • China reports the mission to Mars plan in 2020 is well underway.
  • Saudi Arabia to allow women to attend stadium celebration.
  • Trump campaign manager offered Russia 2016 election briefing.
  • U. S. Federal Reserve keeps domestic interest rates unchanged.

      (News taken from Channel.NewsAsia, France 24, RT, and BBC)

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Ron Miller