Greetings Readers,

While we are waiting around for the insane Kim Jong Un and the impetuous Donald Trump to make a decision on war why not let’s have a war with Iran.  The Iranians have been peaceful far too long. It has been said ‘Iran has not started an aggressive conflict or attacked another country in over 500 years.

Yes, well, there could have been one or two overlooked several centuries past, but my research reveals almost all were defensive against Russia, the Ottomans, Turkey, and Iraq. Look it up yourself if you don’t believe it, ‘History of Iran’s Wars.‘ Yes, why even the eight year war with Iran in the 1980s was encouraged and begun with the blessing and support of the United States. Saddam was our dear boy then before he became naughty. In short, the Iranians have a very meek record for starting aggression. We cannot say the same for our United States.

The United States and Great Britain were a bit nasty to Iran in the past, but American people, lets just forget all that if we can:

  • The U. S. overthrew a democratically elected government in 1952 with the somewhat assistance of the oil hungry Brits and placed the young 26-year-old Shah in as a puppet. We had big eyes for their oil and potential as a vast weapons market at the time that came to fruition over the next three decades.
  • We supported Iraq in the 8 year border war with Iran for the reason of containing of radical Shiite Muslims where there was absolutely no case for it. The Sunnis are the only active terrorists within every situation to date. (9-11, bombs in subways, restaurants, multiple targets) Trump as Bush may not realize it there are two major sects with one tending to be much more peaceful less aggressive and dangerous than the other.
  • The U. S. Navy mistakenly shot down a commercial Iranian airliner over the Gulf in the early 1980s killing all 248 passengers and crew. (33 children among them) The U. S. never apologized to my knowledge or paid compensation, which remains pending. (At the time I was in Saudi and viewed the floating bodies on TV)

Of course Iran has arrested and detained a dozen Americans the past 15 years, but I would wager to say near half were ‘look and leave’ CIA agents. Iran supports Hezbollah and the Yemen rebels due primarily for fighting for their land in disputes, religious differences, and past and present aggressions by Israel and Saudi Arabia.

I rest my case for War. Lets start a war with Iran immediately. I’m plain tired of waiting around for Trump and Kim to makeup their minds while playing each other like Yo-Yos.

All the Best to you.

Ron Miller