Greetings Readers,

  • Japan’s Abe calls for a snap election: Always good, good to call one during a crisis period. Voters tend to stick with their under fire administration.
  • ‘The country is outraged at athletes not standing for the U. S. national anthem’ says Donald Trump and the FOx network. Trump continues to slam the NFL, National Football League. (While we’re at it, by taking our individuality, and freedom of choice, hey, let’s make Christians stand at attention while praying) 
  • The American GOP failed again in an attempt to repeal Obama Care.
  • Special investigation Chairman Mueller is looking into Trump’s tax files. (Hmm? Why would he dare do that? Will this be a game of ‘Gotcha’.
  • North Korea reserves the right to shoot down bombers close to their coast.
  • Israel steps-up security after three Israelis are shot dead at a checkpoint by a Palestinian. Yeah, I get tired of waiting too. But, I wonder could it be the Israeli’s brutally drove out the natives and confiscated their land in 1948 and 1967? I really don’t know; I’m only an average American.
  • Warmbier’s parents speak out as Trump, as well as the FOx Network, talk tough to North Korea. (Please let’s not start a war over the kid please)
  • U. S., U. K., Turkey, Iraq are against the Kurdish vote for independence. (I think the long-suffering Kurdish people deserve better than that)
  • Progressive Saudi King allows women to drive. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard the news. What will the strict unemployed  Muslim male drivers do? Throw acid in their faces? (Well, It was bound to happen sooner or later because one does not want to have a nagging wife, and of course Trump will take credit for the Royal Decree)
  • I am for the return of the once popular Afghan burka, aren’t you? I have a friend who makes his wife Kathy wear one whenever she shops and even around the house sometime. Well, anything goes in San Francisco.
  • Frankly I’m for Sharia Law. If one of your children steals from you, cut off  their hand, but only one because they have to sweep and wash dishes.
  • I must report, it is as a falsehood Myanmar has ethnically cleared the Rhohingha from their country. They are only on vacation. The 440,000 have relocated to enjoy the cool late September weather in Bangladesh. Heck they do it ever year, but the Media never covered it before.
  • Finally, finally the U. E. has gotten tough on hygiene and sanitation by inspecting European dodgy drinks and soggy finger fish street vendors.

All the Best to you.

Ron Miller