Asia, Middle East, U. S. News Brief to read in two minutes or less.

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  • Rohingya Islamic group open to cease-fire talks and negotiations.
  • U.N. warns of infections and food shortages in Rohingya camps.
  • Malaya arrests six suspected Muslim Jihadists insurgents.
  • Indonesia police arrest 68 at Jakarta ‘Gay Spa’.
  • Terrorist bomb plot revealed and foiled by FBI in New York City.
  • New York bomber plot suspect says Philippines ripe for ISL recruiting.
  • At least 270 anti-Putin demonstrators arrested on Putin’s birthday.
  • China reports 1.3 million punished during anti-corruption drive.
  • Trump: ‘North Korea talks do no good, they understand only one thing.’
  • Kim Jong Un makes statement ”Nuclear weapons are powerful deterrents.’
  • Experts say Trump is on verge of discrediting Iran nuclear deal.
  • Iran: Under Nuclear Treaty, we have a right to defend ourselves.
  • Iran’s PM Rouhani ‘Trump cannot undermine lawful treaty facts.’
  • Trump: We should give peace a chance before Embassy move to Jerusalem.
  • Turkey, Iran confer to reduce Israeli influence with Kurdish groups.
  • Tropical storm Nate makes second landfall in Mississippi, Alabama.

(News items cleaned from Channelnewsasia, BBC, Al-Jazeera, CNN, France 24)

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